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Art Direction
Creative Direction
Brand Development
Brand Concept


New York




The Challenge

A brand as strong as its market.

Vrynk is an active sportswear store based in NYC. Through their brand they sought to achieve a visual communication that would set them apart from the rest. Vrynk was not only looking to impress the market, but to influence it. This was achieved by making a brand that would resonate with their identity.

We created a conceptual branding that would remain memorable and strong. We defined the brand, philosophy, message and style to correspond to a powerful manifesto that would become the brand’s DNA


Project Scope

Conceptual Branding

The visual identity of the brand embodies the combination of sportswear and streetwear. The brand was created to integrate activewear and streetwear, therefore the visual elements would need to convey their intent. The result was a brand for the bold and the fearless.

Visual Communication

We designed the brand for high intensity trainers who wish to have the best materials and technology available. The brand focuses in real situations, hard training individuals, edgy, upbeat people that want to become better versions of themselves. The brand elements work together to create a raw atmosphere and personality.

VRYNK, a brand for the bold and the fearless.


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