Crystal jewelry necklaces


Niki Baratta


Art Direction
Creative Direction
Brand Development
Brand Concept


New York




The Challenge

A brand with meaning and cause.

Niki B is a brand based on self-care, made with healing crystals and 18 karat rose gold that is handcrafted in NYC, focused on health and well-being. A platform to contribute and give back to the world. Jewelry that is timeless, intimate and personal. We created a conceptual branding that merges sophistication and elegance with the beauty of the healing crystals that are unique and natural.

Project Scope

Conceptual Branding

The visual identity of NikiB comprehends a base of elements that are neutral and clean, balanced with accents of color and little details. The result is a brand with a classic and at the same time contemporary vibe that feels real and feminine.

Visual Communication

We designed a brand that is all about women, focusing on being conscious and connected with mother nature.

A bridge between fashion and the mystic world.

The Packaging

We designed a box set that puts everything together, the jewelry is carefully placed along with other elements that the customer can use as a guide to take care of their crystals.


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