Finding portals to the future




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The Challenge

Finding portals to the future

MLAB is the innovation division for Metalsa, an international automotive company with more than 60 years of experience. Their aim is to discover unique insights to launch and grow new business model concepts. All this in order to power Metalsa’s future growth. 

We developed a brand identity and personality that reflects the bold, unique and innovative core of MLAB. 


Project Scope

Brand Development
Web Development

Brand development

The MLAB team needed a bold, innovative and clean brand identity. We created a responsive logo that reflects the concept and story of the brand perfectly. Alongside, we developed a website that can be navigated seamlessly, where their main features and projects are showcased.

Web Development

Bringing the brand’s personality and attitude to the UI/UX layout, the site features a bold style and latest technology. As a result, MLAB’s website is the perfect representation of the brand, their manifesto and concept can be perceived throughout the different sections. 

Along with the innovative front end, we designed an internal platform where the MLAB team members could showcase their ideas. This allowed the employees to create short keynotes with content and images to submit.  

MLAB: Turning ideas into viable businesses.


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